Thursday, 6 March 2014

Getting Started with Alice to further strengthen the e-initiatives of KVS

ZIET Chandigarh - Organising ALICE workshops
during each inservice course

“GSWA” is the progressive evolution from ThinkQuest
It is 3D programming environment created by Carnegie Mellon University and funded by Oracle
It provides teachers and students the opportunity to create their own stories and animation for use in educational projects.
It can also be treated as the first exposure to Java via simple drag and drop procedures.
Expected  Objectives:
Ø  Develop skills in animation, storytelling, creating short animated  movies.
Ø  Equip the teachers to use new innovative methods of teaching and  learning in the classroom. It helps make concepts simple and fascinating to the learner.
Ø  Encourages team work and collaboration.
Ø   Engages the participants in visual thinking and fuelling  creativity.
Ø  The Alice interface facilitates problem solving and logical thinking.
Ø  Instill interest to learn Java programming.
Use of Alice at School Level
The teachers   can  train their students on Alice and encourage  them to   create  Alice worlds as a part of formative assessment.
As a result students progressively develop key ICT skills   beginning   with   the use of spreadsheets and   power   point  presentations and then   evolving  through animation  and programming.
Since it is skill based, Alice has to be mastered step by step.
It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.  

                                                                           “Albert Einstein” 

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